Libertarian judge candidates

After reviewing the list of judicial candidates from Trump, I started to try to put together a list of libertarian lawyers and judges that might be proposed by the Libertarian Party nominee. I can't find a list anywhere, and have tried to put one together from general knowledge.
My first candidates would be

Randy Barnett
Roger Pilon
Janice Rogers Brown
Alex Kozinski
William Baude
Larry Becraft
Stephen Calabresi
Elizabeth Price Foley
Michaek Greve
Kurt Lash
Gary S. Lawson
John O. McGinnis
Robert Natelson
Clark Neily
Michael Rappaport
Roger Roots
Ilya Somin
Lawrence Solum

These are taken from http://constitution.org/cs_peopl.htm , not including some who are social conservative or too old. You might have some more.

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Unknown said...

Thanks, Jon, for compiling this list of good judges. One rarely sees constructive work anymore. Hank Phillips. libertriantranslator.com


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