1832 Call for Article V Convention

Journal of the House of Representatives
(December, 1832)

    Mr. Wilde presented the following preamble and resolutions, adopted by the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, viz


    For as much as throughout the United States there exists many controversies growing out of the conflicting interests which have arisen among the people since the adoption of the federal constitution, out of the cases in which Congress claims the right to act under constructive or implied powers, out of the disposition shown by Congress too frequently to act under assumed powers, and out of the rights of jurisdiction either claimed or executed by the Supreme Court, all of which tend directly to diminish the affections of the people for their own Government, to produce discontent, to repress patriotism, to excite jealousies, to engender discord, and, finally, to bring about the event of all others most deeply to be deplored, and most anxiously to be guarded against, viz. a dissolution of our happy Union and a severance of these States into hostile communities, each regarding and acting towards each other with the bitterest enmity.

    And the experience of the past having clearly proved that the constitution of the United States needs amendment in the following particulars:

  1. That the powers delegated to the General Government, and the rights reserved to the States or to the people, may be more clearly defined.
  2. That the power of coercion by the General Government over the States, and the right of the State to resist an unconstitutional act by Congress, may be determined.
  3. That the principle involved in a tariff for the direct protection of domestic industry may be settled.
  4. That a system of federal taxation may be established, which shall be equal in its operation upon the whole people, and in all sections of the country.
  5. That the jurisdiction and process of the Supreme Court may be clearly and unequivocally settled.
  6. That a tribunal of last resort may be organized to settle disputes between the General Government and the States.
  7. That the power of chartering a bank, and of granting corporations, may be expressly given to, or withheld from Congress.
  8. That the practice of appropriating money for works of internal improvement may be either sanctioned by an express delegation of power, or restrained by express inhibition.
  9. That it may be prescribed what disposition shall be made of the surplus revenue, when such revenue is found to be on hand.
  10. That the right to, and the mode of disposition of public lands of the United States, may be settled.
  11. That the election of the President and Vice President may be secured, in all cases, to the people.
  12. That their tenure of office may be limited to one term.
  13. That the rights of the Indians may be definitely settled.
    Be it therefore resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the State of Georgia, in General Assembly met, and acting for the people thereof, that the State of Georgia, in conformity with the fifth article of the federal constitution, hereby makes application to the Congress of the United States for the call of a Convention of the people to amend the constitution aforesaid in the particulars herein enumerated, and in such others as the people of the other States may deem needful of amendment.

    Resolved, further, that his excellency the Governor be, and he is hereby, requested to transmit copies of this document to the other States of the Union, and to our Senators and Representatives in Congress.

    Agreed to December 12, 1832


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