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When I founded the Constitution Society in 1994, and later set up its website, committed defenders of the Constitution, as originally meant and understood, were rare, and dismissed by most decisionmakers and opinion leaders as hopelessly idealistic. We were regarded as holding "fringe views", out of the "mainstream",  that did not enjoy enough support to be worthy of recognition or participation in serious discussion forums.

But we persisted, and more and more joined us. Whereas when we started there was little mention of the Constitution in political debates, now it is everywhere. Most people who claim to support it don't really understand what it requires of us, but at least they are beginning to learn.

Not that there have not been many other organizations in the field claiming to support the Constitution. They have held meetings, and written papers and books, and occasionally testified before Congress. (So would we if we had the money.) Some of these other organizations were moderately fashionable and attracted large donations, but not by embracing controversy or developing specific solutions. They have played it safe, while we have boldly stepped forward and proclaimed things unconstitutional, proposed specific solutions, and defended those positions in forums that matter. (We also offer opposing views an opportunity to be heard.)

Have you never wondered why members of Congress who proclaim they support the right to keep and bear arms don't just introduce bills to repeal all the unconstitutional federal gun control laws? Or even draft legislation for public debate? We have two bills that do that, one for the federal government and one for state governments. Are they sincere, or do they just want the issue to remain alive, bringing them support for re-election, without seriously seeking to finally settle the issue? For how many other constitutional violations are they and other decisionmakers and opinion leaders doing the same thing? Have you seen much legislation to fix the problems? Or many cases filed in court? Or do they seem to be just trying to keep low profiles, hoping the public outrage will subside so they can get back to business as usual?

Now they do introduce a few bills once in a while, but how many of them are really well-conceived and well-written? Examine most of them more carefully and you will find they are unworkable except to get people who don't know better excited. That is not responsible legislating. It is just cheap political entertainment.

We are making a difference. Many decisionmakers and opinion leaders tell us so. They admit they go to our website first when seeking answers to constitutional questions. Everything they need is on one site, and if not, we will add it within minutes.

We have never charged dues, or charged for publications we produce, which we put online for free. We don't  believe in charging for the information people need to defend the Constitution. There are many others who do charge, usually for things of little value, or even for misinformation that can get people into trouble, yet people pay for that because they mistakenly think that if they have to pay for something it must somehow be more valuable. We refuse to play that game.

But we do need money. We can't do everything on volunteer efforts alone. If you click on our Donate Now! button:

Donate Now!

You will see how much has been donated through this tool in about the last two years. Yet look at how much we have been able to do with so little money. Now imagine how much more we could do with a lot more. The time is ripe to do the things we know how to do, and that other organizations are not likely to do, even with all the money they are getting.

Surely you can afford $10 a month as a recurring donation. That is only about the cost of dinner or a movie. Is liberty and justice for you and your children and grandchildren not worth more than that? Click on the button and set it up. it's easy, you'll feel better about yourself, and you'll never miss it.

Don't look back after the Constitution has been completely lost, when tyranny rules supreme, and regret that you did not do even that much for the cause of liberty. If everyone who reads this message would help with at least $10 a month, we might avoid that dismal future. But we don't have a lot of time. The window of opportunity is right now. It may not be there a year from now.

Just click on the button. And forward this message to all your friends.

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