The gravy train is at the end of the line.

Social Security is not and never was any kind of insurance program. Your payments into it are not and never were premium payments for a retirement pension. There is no "social security" account with your name on it. The government has never claimed otherwise, and indeed, has explicitly denied it. The notion to the contrary that too many people seem to have is a delusion they invented and prefer to believe, but which has no basis in either law or reality. Social security, and the other entitlements, are no more than transfers of wealth from one group of people to another, and there is no legal obligation to make such transfers in the future to those who have had their wealth taken from them for that purpose, in the past.

Better make friends with your children and grandchildren, because it won't be long before you will have to depend on them to support you in poor health or old age. If the government sends you money, it will be money that will be nearly worthless. You will need to wheel a shopping cart full of $1 billion-dollar bills to the store (if any remain open) to buy a slice of bread.

The gravy train is at the end of the line. Get off and work, or die. Those are your only choices.

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