Waco: The Massacre at Mount Carmel

Waco: The Massacre at Mount Carmel

These are the complete movies that shocked a nation and spawned the modern constitutional militia movement.
Waco: The Rules of Engagement
WACO- A New Revelation

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Our situation does require courage, but it also requires wisdom, preparation, planning, and widespread organized public support. We must reject foolish rhetoric that does not contribute to the solution. Wise persons do not posture or threaten. They quietly organize and prepare.

The Davidians provide an instructive model for us. They did not sally forth from their compound seeking government agents to fight. They exercised their rights nonviolently, resorting to violence only when it was initiated against them. They lost, but they lost in a way that inspired others to tell their story, and still others to organize the modern militia movement that has done more than almost any other effort to prevent similar abuses, just by existing, without a shot being fired.

Those who feel the urge to indulge in violent rhetoric would better serve their cause by organizing and training. The time may come for initiation of force, but that point is far down the path. There are many things that need to be done before that.

We can also learn from the model of the way Sam Houston led the Texas Militia against the Mexican Army. Many of his troops were spoiling for a fight before they were ready, which would only have gotten them killed and defeated their cause. Houston wisely held them back, waiting for the right moment. Finally it came, at San Jacinto, April 21, 1836, in one of the most amazingly unequal battles in military history. Never before had so few militia defeated so many regular soldiers, and inflicted so many casualties while suffering so few. After the battle, many of the Texians wanted to kill the captured Santa Anna, but once again, Houston wisely held them back, and instead exacted a treaty from Santa Anna that effectively granted Texas independence. Houston is reported to have said to his men, "You want blood. I want Texas."

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